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The same stories are told for centuries, impacting generation after generation. We all have that one story from childhood that sticks with you -- whether your parent read to you before bed, or your grandpa told you a classic over pancakes. Stories have a way of teleporting us back to a time and a place in our memories, simply priceless.

While I was pursuing my bachelors degree at Wayne State University, I discovered a great appreciation for the art of storytelling that stuck with me.

After graduating with my bachelors degree in Communication Studies, I worked in marketing for a large, well-known company. I was able to expand my skill set and have the opportunity to help grow a brand

through storytelling.

That lead me to create Alexis Copy, where I help businesses & brands create killer blogs, website content, and email sequences that'll make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

If you want your online content to soar to the top -- I'm your gal.

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